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Home Theater Equipment

Home Theater equipment can bring movie theater quality sound into the comfort and security of your home.

Cobb Home Innovations can bring the big screen into your own home. We can take your room from bare bones to a full cinema experience.  Hugh Cobb is a home theater specialist who’s been helping people experience media in a new way for years.

Cobb Home Innovations can help you design, plan and execute a great sounding experience for any budget.

Hugh Cobb is a veteran of building and designing custom home audio, theater rooms, smart homes, and ambient lighting.

Hugh was brought up in the world of sound and technology. His father started the company in the 1970s, then called Cobb TV & Stereo.

In 1998, Hugh was approached by Sony Electronics to help design and launch the Sony Xplod project. Hugh was the Senior Technical Designer and Trainer.

Hugh went on to win the IASCA world championship for best designed audio system.

He has been featured in over 15 magazines for sound design.